Professional Audio Services

Sensational audio experiences have come to be the signature of ACS. Since 1999 we have provided our clients with high-caliber audio services, maintaining a reputation for excellence. This expert knowledge becomes your gain when you choose to work with ACS. Contact us to get in touch with our audio engineers, ready to hand-tailor premium equipment selections to meet your needs.

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Brands we work with

Our clients are only satisfied with the highest audio quality in the field. Which is why we only invest in the best brands of the audio world possible. Each piece of equipment we provide is hand-selected by our experts for its exceptional quality. Whether you need to fill a stadium with booming beats or a lecture hall with crisp sound, ACS has the gadgets you need. Or most preferred brands are JBL, d&b audiotechnik, Midas, Shure and Sennheiser.

High quality audio on every scale

ACS is always ready to deploy deluxe audio set-ups, no matter what type of location or circumstances. Our team of experts will make sure that every single word is heard clearly, whether it be the CEO at a conference sparking inspiration or the bride saying “I do.” Likewise, if it’s beautiful acoustics you are looking for, we will make any space sound like a professional studio.


Rider compatible PA systems / microphones / mixers

Corporate Events

Hight quality audio in every corner of the room. Professional crew provides the perfect experience.

Conventions & Trade Shows

Support your show or booth with a custom system optimized for your needs.

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Share your goals so that we can help you in coordinating an exceptional event. From planning to execution, ACS is here to follow your vision every step of the way. The button below will direct you to our team of experts, trained in helping you transform your vision into a reality.

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How good sound transforms your event

Any event is transformed by good audio. A speaker needs to be able to reach the ears of every last listener in the crowd. A musician needs to be able to reach every person dancing at their concert. A wedding party wants to spread their love to every guest. All this is only possible when quality audio systems are brought in to spread the word. Great audio systems ensure that all spoken words are understood clearly from the microphone so that an audience can hear every syllable as if they were standing right next to the speaker, even if they are standing at the back of a large crowd. It is also important to musicians that each song they play is heard by everybody and also sounds true to the instrument they are using so that each note is crisp, whether the concert is played in a giant amphitheater, an intimate venue, or a studio. The Importance of Sound, an article published by the Los Angeles Film School, outlines some of the reasons sound is important in different types of media, including music. The article points out that, “It might seem obvious that the sound quality of songs should be the highest possible – after all, what else is there to a song than the music and lyrics? However, achieving a high-quality sound must be purposefully done using the right technology, the right type of studio and the right methodology. Without taking the necessary steps to ensure you have a high quality sound every time you record audio, your studio will not only lessen the quality of your work, it will sound much less professional.” These are all factors taken into account by the team at ACS. ACS is built on the industry knowledge and years of professional experience to be able to pull off an audio system that keeps both the guests and performers happy and impressed with any event. Contact ACS today to find out what expert audio can do for you.


Our Professional Crew

Professional audio production is a challenge. It becomes a type of puzzle that involves many pieces – such as equipment, space, audience, source, power, and much more. Many people take it for granted when they arrive at an event and the sound they hear is flawless with no glitches or distortion. But in reality, it takes an expert to pull off audio engineering without any problems. In fact, Rolling Stone has even published a piece in which they speak to a professional audio engineer who describes some of the challenges presented in providing high quality sound at an event. The audio engineer, Alex Rangel, says one problem it is possible to face is “When you mix sound in an arena, you take the crowd for granted. If it’s empty, you have the high frequencies that are really punishing to the ear, so you have to tame those. But you also have the low frequencies; normally they hit people and you feel the chest pump and they die down, but in an empty arena they just sit there and reverberate and make the room real muddy. I call it “thick,” almost like you can lean on the air because there’s so much gross bass. It’s challenging.” As this is just one example that an audio engineer might face, you can imagine how important it is that an audio production experience be managed by a highly skilled and professional crew who is able to take into account every factor of the event. The audio engineers at ACS are more than capable of handling all the pieces of the audio puzzle. Any event will be made better by the expert audio production put together by the ACS crew. Not only is the team equipped with the knowledge and audio experience needed to set up a high quality audio system, the staff are always dressed professionally for each event, no matter what type. The crew at ACS is prepared for weddings, corporate events, conventions, trade shows, concerts, and any other kind of event, at any scale or venue. Visit the Why Choose Us page to find out more about why the ACS crew is best for you.


Who benefits from Great Audio?

There is a simple answer to the question: who benefits from great audio? That answer is: everybody. Even an amateur, who may not know what it means to set-up a clean audio system, will appreciate great quality sound at an event. They will notice any glitch or interference that interferes with the enjoyment of the event they are attending. Bad sound is distracting and unpleasant, it will diminish the level of enjoyment and bring about bad memories. Not only does the attendee of an event suffer, but also any host (as their guests are not having a good time), any speakers or performers (they will not be heard properly by their audience when giving a speech or playing music), and any other person who is involved in the event. Great audio has the opposite effect. Although an amateur may not know why, great audio lifts the spirits of everybody involved. There are many pieces written about the theory on what makes great audio, like this one, but a listener does not need that expert knowledge to know they are listening to great quality sound. They are just happier because of it. When ACS sets up a high quality audio system, it ensures that speakers are heard by their audience, that performers are able to share their art with the crowd, all attendees are able to understand everything clearly, and hosts are proud of the event which they are a part of. ACS always adheres to the highest standards of the audio industry so that only the highest quality is achieved. These standards are met by choosing the best equipment for the job and applying expert knowledge at the professional level. Just like all the services provided by ACS great care and mastery are implemented to bring about the best quality in the industry.

Start planning your project today!

Share your goals so that we can help you in coordinating an exceptional event. From planning to execution, ACS is here to follow your vision every step of the way. The button below will direct you to our team of experts, trained in helping you transform your vision into a reality.

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