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Lighting can turn an event from mediocre to spectacular with the help of experts. Any occasion can benefit from professional lighting services. Good lighting will make everybody on camera look like they came straight out of Hollywood or make any stage sparkle like a fashion show in Paris. Contact us to find out how we can illuminate your memories.

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Brands we work with

Our team of professional lighting artists know how to wield light just as a painter wields a brush. Our equipment is carefully selected to reach the most extraordinary depths of the visual experience. We know exactly how to tailor our lighting gear to make your event memorable, which is why we only work with the most exceptional lighting brands on the market. Our most preferred lighting brands are Elation, Chauvet, SGM, JB Lighting and Chauvet.

Impress with creativity and professionalism

ACS is here to take your lighting production to the next level. We will work with you to create a lighting plan guaranteed to impress. When you contact us, share every expectation, no matter how extravagant, and our team will ensure it gets done. Our creative process will take your vision and execute an artistic masterpiece.

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Share your goals so that we can help you in coordinating an exceptional event. From planning to execution, ACS is here to follow your vision every step of the way. The button below will direct you to our team of experts, trained in helping you transform your vision into a reality.

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Set the Mood

Lighting is one of the most important visual aspects of any event. Good lighting will complete any experience to make sure to put everybody in the right mood, no matter the size of the event. In fact, more and more articles like this one are being posted online about the importance of hiring professional lighting crews for events. With years of professional experience under our belt, we have learned exactly what kind of eye-catching lighting set-ups are needed to fit our clients needs. Lighting is more than just the fixtures on the ceiling, it is essential for presentation, decoration, stage performance, and beyond. For example, we can fill a stage with bright colors, which rotate and flash dramatically at just the right moments. This kind of lighting works best for getting an audience excited and in the mood to dance at a concert or party. Another lighting scenario could be one that shines softly in a lecture hall, highlighting whoever is speaking without causing distraction. This type of scenario could be perfect for a tradeshow or convention. Weddings are a great example of a type of event which would change completely depending on the lighting scenario. With the help of an expert lighting engineer, a wedding can make guests feel classy, romantic, uplifted, dramatic, impressed and everything in between. You can get a basic idea of how lighting can change the mood of a wedding by checking out this article from the wedding magazine Bridal Musings in which they describe some unique lighting scenarios and examples of how lighting will impact the mood of the event. Of course, weddings are only one example of the type of event that we love to create lighting experiences for. We know how to set the mood for any kind of event, perfectly customized to our client’s needs no matter the scale of the project.


Precision and Expertise is Key

We have already established that good lighting is essential to setting the mood for an event, but how is great lighting achieved? Sam Cockayne puts it well in her article “Creating the Perfect Event Lighting – Advice From the Experts” written for Trade Show News Network: “Lighting is never to be overlooked or neglected. Having lighting that is not controllable or adaptable is like watching an incredible performance in the studio, rather than the theatre.” Even the slightest change in direction of one light can make a huge difference in how an event plays out. The consequences of any lighting element out of place can be disastrous. This could mean that the mood of your guests could be unstable and the vision feels unfinished, making the event feel cheap. Which is why it is important to only use lighting executed by experts who have years of experience in lighting events. Event lighting is an art that takes expertise in timing, coloring, placement, etc. All these elements must be handled depending on where the event takes place, since lighting changes based on the time of day, if the event is outdoors or indoors, and the size of the space being lit. The team of expert lighting technicians at ACS have the talent and precision to be able to handle movement speed, white balance, angles diffusion, power, controls, audio synchronization, and every other element that is required to create a visual experience through lighting. Because there are so many specific elements involved in creating impressive lighting for an event, it is important to call on the expertise of professional lighting services. A beginner or even an amature is simply not able to achieve the level of quality needed to engineer lighting scenarios for events. Expert event planners already know that it is necessary to call lighting production companies like ACS, just check out this article “Why Do Event Organizers Work with Lighting Companies?” if you would like more examples. So if you want your event to stand out and feel authentic to the mood you want to achieve, reach out to ACS on our Contact Us page so that we can discuss how our lighting expertise will work for you.


Lighting for the Camera

Lighting is not only important for the mood of guests at the time of the event. Now with the rise of photography and video lighting scenarios, your lighting production will be recorded and seen by people for years after the event takes place. There are many reasons that your event may be recorded by photograph or by video. You may bring in expert photographers or videographers to do professional documentation, or attendees will bring their phones to snap pictures and videos. But even expert photographers and videographers have a difficult time properly documenting a badly lit event. A quick search online finds many articles like this one which give advice on how to photograph events in different lighting scenarios. So in fact, it takes a lot of work for experts to take photographs or videos in badly lit spaces. In any case, professional lighting will make your event stand out on camera, no matter who is holding it. Professionals will be able to take dramatically better documentation in a professionally lit space, while amateurs who just use their phone will find that their photos and videos look like they were taken by professionals. When great lighting is achieved, event photos will look great enough to show off to family members, partners, board members, potential hires and social media. This documentation is essential to creating buzz about your event and any events you may have in the future. You will be proud of the event and the documentation that will inevitably come with it. Our expert lighting team at ACS knows that most events nowadays will be captured on cameras one way or another, so it is of the utmost importance that lighting productions for events are optimized for the cameras. This way, years after the event takes place, viewers will be impressed by the level of quality reached by your event.

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Share your goals so that we can help you in coordinating an exceptional event. From planning to execution, ACS is here to follow your vision every step of the way. The button below will direct you to our team of experts, trained in helping you transform your vision into a reality.

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