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No event is complete without professional video, no matter whether it is live or virtual. Our video technicians, engineers, camera operators, directors and coordinators will make sure to bring your video dreams to the next level. Our video solutions are optimized for each event, taking into account creativity, emotion, and timing. The final result is unparalleled video quality with artistic flair. Go to our contact page to organize a premium video plan.

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Brands we work with

Each project is unique in scope and expectations. Being able to weigh location, lighting and content is essential to each job, and can vary greatly from one job to the other. That’s why our team here at ACS has prioritized getting the best tools for each job. Our experience has taught us exactly how to engineer an optimized system for every setup. Our most preferred brands are Christie, Vivitek, Blackmagic Design, Theatrixx and Roland.

From cameras to LED walls

When you work with ACS you can take pride in knowing your greatest expectations will be met. We are equipped with the supplies and experts necessary to accomplish your vision. Our team will work diligently on any kind of video project you need. From content creation to content display, and everything in between.

Virtual Events

Virtual events meet their highest standard yet at ACS. Our experts are here to produce everything from pre-recorded panel discussions to live TV shows. We are ready to connect speakers from all around the world through our own elite crew, or by organizing with a local crew. The result is always high-caliber live content to exceed all client needs.

Start planning your project!

Share your goals so that we can help you in coordinating an exceptional event. From planning to execution, ACS is here to follow your vision every step of the way. The button below will direct you to our team of experts, trained in helping you transform your vision into a reality.

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Why create a visual experience?

Using video for your event is a great way to set the mood, get a message across, or to simply catch an audience’s attention. There are numerous reasons to use video during an event, and each reason has many methods. Video can be the main element of an event, an eye-catching backdrop, or a detail to add dramatic effects. To get an idea of what video can do for an event, check out Corbin Ball & Co’s list of 50 Ideas Using Video to Market and Improve Expos and Events. All these ideas were generated just for corporate expos/events but many of the ideas can be applied to all types of events. Just some examples include:

  • Create and promote an event hashtag to promote as a search vehicle through all social media channels (especially Instagram and Twitter) including video. Be sure to choose a hashtag that is short, memorable and unique.
  • Webcast the keynote addresses and other key portions of the event extending the event far beyond the four walls of the meetings space. Video brings an extra dimension that is more impactful than other media channels. A video production crew should be used for high-profile video production.
  • Stream portions of your event to remote audiences in a hybrid meeting format or as a webcast to increase the footprint of your event.
  • Exhibitors can use video in creative displays (3D video, interactive iPad video, video walls, etc.) to attract and engage exhibit attendees

These are just some of the general ideas the article lists, each example is straightforward and innovative in its own way, but there are plenty of other methods and reasons to create a visual experience for a variety of events. Some methods are even more abstract ways to incorporate video into events. For example, adding a colorful LED wall backdrop to a concert or a wedding sets a fun or romantic mood for the audience and is sure to make the whole experience memorable. Contact the expert video crew at ACS and you will be guided in the many methods that video can take your event to the next level.


The importance of proper content & equipment

It takes an expert team like the one at ACS to apply the creativity and skill needed to produce video for events. The use of video can bring about great visual experiences, but it takes exciting ideas and technological know-how to actually be able to pull off successfully. Because of the wide breadth of applicability and types of technology for video, there are countless ways that video can be used. A video played on a monitor has a different feel than a video played on a projector, and therefore each method would be used for different scenarios. The type of video display chosen can depend on many factors. This could include the setting (is the event indoors or outdoors?), the size of the event, the type of message/content being displayed, the type of audience, the mood of the event, etc. Colin Bovet of Enplug Blog writes a thorough breakdown for “Choosing the Best Digital Signage Displays for Events” in which he details some of the challenges faced in choosing the right technology for the right environment. This is an extensive and detailed list, and it only addresses the simple element of signage. Bovet mentions that “a display is only as engaging as the content running on it. It’s easy to waste the work you put into setting up your event displays by skimping on the design or strategy of your content. Well-designed content leaves a lasting “Wow!” factor with your attendees, and sets the tone for your event’s atmosphere.” Although this and many of the other elements mentioned in the article apply to other types of video displays, there are still many more factors that need to be handled by experts. Not only does the right equipment need to be chosen, but also it is crucial to obtain and curate the right type of content to display for each scenario. An LED wall looks great, but if you don’t create the proper content for it or the system behind it can’t provide the quality that is needed, it is just a waste of money. Colors, images, brightness are all carefully engineered and customized by the crew at ACS to fit perfectly into the vision of the client. These features can be pre-planned or mixed live. But no matter what the result is impressive and delivers show-stopping results.


We are here to help you

The priority at ACS is to execute the client’s vision. The client might have a vague idea or a detailed plan about what kind of video they want to include in their event. Either way, the professional crew at ACS is more than ready to get it done, with every little detail exactly how the client wants it. ACS takes the time to listen to the client’s goals, then plan the content in great detail and suggest the most optimized configuration for its display at the time of the event. Now it’s more important than ever to make sure that video displays are perfected. MarketWatch published “Outdoor LED Displays Market Research Report by Trends, by Type, by Application – Global Forecast to 2025 – Cumulative Impact of COVID-19” in which they detail the importance of video display for events, now and in the future. They say that “Outdoor LED displays are enhancing because of various features such as live concerts, increasing number of sports events and exhibitions among the world. These factors are rising the uptake of LED display in many industries including sports and advertising. Rising demand for outdoor LED displays in broadcasting live actions and in advertisement will grow the requirement for outdoor LED displays globally.” A statement that proves the importance of video display in a post-covid world. This is further confirmed by the rise of live-streaming and/or virtual events. When an event is being broadcasted virtually to many more people that are not even in physical attendance, it is even more important that high-quality video elements are added so that even more people are impressed. People watching the broadcast will be impressed with the actual event, but also the experts at ACS will ensure that the video elements can be translated to a live-streaming setting so that everybody watching will get the full idea of what the video is trying to show. Contact the crew at ACS today to find out how your video vision can be realized.

Start planning your project today!

Share your goals so that we can help you in coordinating an exceptional event. From planning to execution, ACS is here to follow your vision every step of the way. The button below will direct you to our team of experts, trained in helping you transform your vision into a reality.

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