Plan with state-of-the-art tools

At ACS, you are always in good hands. Our engineers are using the newest tools for planning every detail like weight distribution and load factors. We keep perfecting the balance between precision, creativity and safety during our planning process. We are following all safety standards and working only with certified crew and equipment. When you contact us, you can feel accomplished in knowing that every detail will be taken care of at an expert level.

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Brands we work with

As in everything we do, ACS is satisfied only with the best for our clients. That is why the brands we work with have been meticulously selected for their high-quality and reliability. Each client is treated to the exact specifications to fit their needs, without cutting corners or dodging requests. Our most preferred brands are Ultrastage, Stageline, Band World Mobile Stages, ChainMaster and Stagemaker.

Support and highlight

There is an art to staging and rigging, and when it is done right, everyone is sure to have a good time. Risk-free. Stages, trussing and rigging systems are not only providing support for the equipment or the people standing on them, they can put anyone or anything in the spotlight without actually having a physical spotlight. Lifting an artist up in the air, elevating a product from below the stage, rotating a platform with a band on it will definitely draw the attention of the audience.

Start planning your project!

Share your goals so that we can help you in coordinating an exceptional event. From planning to execution, ACS is here to follow your vision every step of the way. The button below will direct you to our team of experts, trained in helping you transform your vision into a reality.

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