Plan with state-of-the-art tools

At ACS, you are always in good hands. Our engineers are using the newest tools for planning every detail like weight distribution and load factors. We keep perfecting the balance between precision, creativity and safety during our planning process. We are following all safety standards and working only with certified crew and equipment. When you contact us, you can feel accomplished in knowing that every detail will be taken care of at an expert level.

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Brands we work with

As in everything we do, ACS is satisfied only with the best for our clients. That is why the brands we work with have been meticulously selected for their high-quality and reliability. Each client is treated to the exact specifications to fit their needs, without cutting corners or dodging requests. Our most preferred brands are Ultrastage, Stageline, Band World Mobile Stages, ChainMaster and Stagemaker.

Support and highlight

There is an art to staging and rigging, and when it is done right, everyone is sure to have a good time. Risk-free. Stages, trussing and rigging systems are not only providing support for the equipment or the people standing on them, they can put anyone or anything in the spotlight without actually having a physical spotlight. Lifting an artist up in the air, elevating a product from below the stage, rotating a platform with a band on it will definitely draw the attention of the audience.

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Share your goals so that we can help you in coordinating an exceptional event. From planning to execution, ACS is here to follow your vision every step of the way. The button below will direct you to our team of experts, trained in helping you transform your vision into a reality.

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What is staging & rigging?

Though to some it may seem obvious, others may not have a clue what it means to go through the process of staging and rigging or why a crew is needed for such a process. In fact, staging and rigging has a long history that dates all the way back to 15th century Italy, where sailors were hired to set stages and work with dangerous rope pulley systems. The process has come a long way since back then. Now modern technology and advanced training techniques have made staging and rigging much less hazardous and able to achieve greater feats. According to Creative Planet Network, in their article “Stage Rigging 101” they list the two basic applications as “to support the stage-lighting system and to support and shift stage scenery. The stage-lighting system consists of a large number of individually dimmed outlets to which various kinds of performance-lighting fixtures can be connected. Large portions of the distribution system for this circuitry are integrated into the stage rigging.” The article also goes on to explain some of the basic obstacles and systems associated with the staging and rigging process. These include:

  • Loads
  • Control
  • Cost
  • Fly Tower and Rigging
  • The Gridiron
  • The Loading Gallery
  • Motor-Driven Systems

Along with other challenges these are just some conditions that a staging and rigging crew might expect to face when they are brought on for a job. Of course, the type of challenges faced depends on the type of job or event that hires a staging and rigging crew. The highly skilled and professional crew at ACS is ready for any type of event or challenge. If the event is small, medium, or large-scale, or if the job needs highly complex, intricate or simple design execution, ACS has the skill and professional level knowledge to be able to pull it off. That is why ACS takes the time to learn every facet of the staging and rigging industry, in order to bring its clients the safest and most modern solutions. Only the most meticulous and experienced gear and team will be brought on for a job when you bring ACS for the job.


Balancing design and safety

When done right, staging and rigging can make an event fun, exciting, dramatic, grandiose, etc. Setting a scene on any type or size of stage can make a huge difference in the mood of the audience and the tone of the event. But just as important as creating marvelous staging and rigging effects, is the safety of process from start to finish. In an article for Church Production, Glenn Davis, a scenic director and designer for Willow Creek Community Church (one of the largest churches in the United States) is quoted saying to “Seek out professionals at every point when needed. Know the fire hazards, toxicity, rigging safety, load points, traffic flow on stage, and every other aspect. I’ve seen too many scary things out there which could cause serious harm to humans. Do it right and do it safe.” Davis is getting to the point that it is simply not enough to have grand ideas of what a stage can look like or how an event can be rigged. Somebody may have great design skills or aesthetic ideas, but this is only one part of the staging and rigging process. In fact, it is more than just “not enough” it can be extremely dangerous for an amature to try staging and rigging without the technical skills and training needed. But thankfully, there are professional production companies like ACS to be able to make sure everything is in place. When you contact the staging and rigging crew at ACS, they will walk through every detail and goal of the event to ensure that they will put together a set that meets the event’s aesthetic and technical needs. If someone has great ideas but doesn’t know how to pull them off, no problem! Just contact ACS and they will listen to all the goals and execute the vision in a safe and simple manner so that nobody has to worry.


Where the ACS crew steps in

There are many steps in the process of executing staging and rigging. From initial contact to final disassembly. The process may seem daunting to somebody who has not gone through it before now. But by visiting the ACS production website, all worries will disappear. First, the ACS crew will listen closely to any ideas and needs of the client. This may include the type of event, maybe a wedding, a trade show, a convention, a concert, a conference, or any other type of event. Most any type of event would benefit from a staging and rigging crew! Together ACS and the client come up with a plan to execute the vision. This may mean drawing up plans, designing where elements will be, how many people are needed, how much set-up and take-down time is needed, etc. This is where the ideas for the staging and rigging process becomes a more concrete plan. It takes an expert eye with the knowledge of technical gear and safety standards to be able to turn these creative ideas into a solid plan that can become reality. Then once the plan is set ACS turns to actually executing the staging and rigging process. The crew will bring the experts and equipment needed before the event and set everything up to the exact specifications that the client helped plan. This part of the process takes skill, experience, sharp thinking, and of course some elbow grease! Then, during the event ACS will ensure that the right people stick around to see it through and make sure everything runs smoothly. Last but not least, the crew will carefully disassemble with the same meticulous care and attention they have brought through every step of the process before. The client is always impressed by how easy and thoughtful the whole staging and rigging process becomes when they work with the professional team at ACS.

Start planning your project today!

Share your goals so that we can help you in coordinating an exceptional event. From planning to execution, ACS is here to follow your vision every step of the way. The button below will direct you to our team of experts, trained in helping you transform your vision into a reality.

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